Thursday, August 4, 2011

Loving the Belly

I love my body.

Ok, so maybe this is an affirmation. I am actually working on loving my body.

My issue is with my belly. It sticks out. It is gushier that I would like and it has been known to jiggle when I run. If I poke it, it pokes back.

Some days I am fine with all of this. Some days it feels like the end of the universe. 

My belly has worked hard for me, though. It has stretched to accommodate seven children (including a set of large twins); I should probably cut is some slack (pun intended...).

I realized today that I would really love to have the body that I had ten years ago back again. What about the body I had 20 years ago? Well, I'd give you my first born (disclaimer: he's 17 and a little testy at times...). My point is this: I had a great body 10 years ago, a great body 20 years ago and you know what?

I didn't appreciate it.

Just like I am not appreciating it now.

Ten years from now, will I be yearning for this strong, healthy body that has a bit of a jiggly belly?  Perhaps. Maybe I should spend a little time in the appreciation arena?

I might wish I had.

My belly carried all of these beautiful creatures, plus 1

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